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Download Kontakt Sample Pack Here
Download Wav Sample Pack Here
Download Free 641mb Sample Pack Here

Studio Cymbals Vol.1 is a collection of 4800 live cymbal samples recorded within a studio environment. A total of 100 cymbals have been recorded ranging from small 6 inch splashes to large 21 inch rides, in 6 easy to switch kontakt samplers . Each cymbal has been recorded using 4 different drum sticks (wood stick, plastic stick, wood mallet, nylon mallet) spanning across 4 octaves/48 notes. Additionally a sizzle chain has been applied to each cymbal hit adding sizzle and brightness to the straight cymbal sound. Within this kontakt sampler is a convolution reverb including 128 unique impulse responses recorded in various different environments. Impulse responses include indoor rooms, industrial spaces, enclosed spaces, school, mental hospital, gunpowder mill, military fort and aircraft base.

Price : £25 – £100
Kontakt Sampler Size : 6.19 gb
Wav Sample Pack Size : 6.14 gb
Release Date : May 1st 2016

Order Your Mastering Here

Price List
Standard Analogue Master £30
Priority Analogue Master £60

How To Send Your Files
Your mix can be uploaded safely and securely via our upload form here. Bypass any master bus compression / limiting / widening you may have your master bus.

• File Type : Wav / Flac / Aiff
• Bitrate : 16 – 24 – 32 bit / 44,100 khz, 48khz, 88.1 khz, 96khz
• Headroom : -3db
• Reference Track : Wav / Flac / Aiff / MP3

What Is Mastering?
Often known as the dark art in musical circles, mastering is the last step of the audio production process, the stage between the final mixdown and the distribution of your music, be it as an mp3, cd or vinyl. What the mastering engineer does for you, can vary greatly depending on what your track needs. Using a combination of their high end specialist audio equipment, a properly acoustically treated room and most importantly their experienced ear, a mastering engineer will polish your music and give you that professional edge in a highly contested market.

Analogue Mastering Service
Audio Animals offer a far superior analogue mastering service than many other studios around the world, obtaining industry standard loudness whilst retaining dynamics. This is achieved by the use of such high end compressors and limiters as the legendary Shadow Hills compressor, Maselec MLA-3 multiband compressor and Maselec MPL-2 limiter. For many producers working in the box, inside a DAW using plugins, analogue mastering is essential in order to bring their track up to professional quality ready for release. Adding clarity, dynamics, width and richness to tracks otherwise unachievable in the digital domain. Get noticed and stand out from the crowd with analogue mastering.

Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here

10 Channel Mix And Master £80 / $118 / €109 ( 4 – 7 Days )
20 Channel Mix And Master £100 / $148 / €136 ( 4 – 7 Days )
30 Channel Mix And Master £120 / $177 / €163 ( 4 – 7 Days )
40 Channel Mix And Master £140 / $207 / €190 ( 4 – 7 Days )
50 Channel Mix And Master £160 / $236 / €218 ( 4 – 7 Days )
60 Channel Mix And Master £200 / $295 / €272 ( 4 – 7 Days )
80 Channel Mix And Master £250 / $369 / €340 ( 4 – 7 Days )
100 Channel Mix And Master £300 / $443 / €408 ( 4 – 7 Days )

Mixing And Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a unique mixing and mastering service catering for all genres of music, using high quality analogue audio equipment. The centre piece of our mixing and mastering setup is our 36 channel Solid State Logic console, including both 4000 e series and 9000 k series eq and compression. By using one of the industries best mixing desks we are able to insert a range of analog hardware into your mix, such as the legendary Shadow Hills compressor, Maselec multiband compressor and peak limiter, 2 Maag eq’s, Stereo Elysia eq, compressor and transient designer as well as 2 truly unique Rupert Neve portico 542 tape saturation units.

More Info On Digilantz Here

Digilantz are a multi genre songwriting / production duo consisting of Ben Adcock and Patrick Mcquade. Currently based in the East Midlands, Digilantz are signed to Audio Animals records writing and composing music for film, tv, games and other artists.

Both from strong musical backgrounds, Ben and Patrick started out back in 2010 as songwriters looking for an outlet for their work. After finding a passion for Drum & Bass and respecting the high level of technical skill involved with the genre Digilantz have spent the last couple of years honing their production and songwriting skills. Their appeal lies in crafting melodic hooks with driving musical production and they specialise in making well produced music that appeals to both commercial and underground audiences. With a range of influences including Danny Byrd, Sub Focus, Netsky, Friction etc they also take inspiration from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Timbaland, Tamla Motown and Soul among others.

Digilantz On Facebook
Digilantz On Twitter

Order Studio Services Here

Mixing And Mastering Service ( £80 – £300 )
Audio Animals offer a high end mixing and mastering service catering for all genres of music. We pride ourselves on using only the very best high quality analogue audio equipment. Our mixing and mastering studio includes brands such as Maselec, Solid State Logic, Shadow Hills, Maag, Elysia, Universal Audio and Neve.

Analogue Mastering Service ( £30 – £60 )
Audio Animals have cemented themselves within the mastering industry as the go to studio for many artists and record labels of all genres around the world. Audio Animals offer a far superior mastering service to other mastering studios, with the aid of our incredibly unique mastering chain, consisting of compressor by Shadow Hills, Maselec, Elysia, Solid State Logic and eq’s by Maag, Elysia, Neve, Little Labs, SSL, SPL and Dangerous Music.

Digital Mastering Service ( £30 – £60 )
Audio Animals use only the best even when working in the box with digital plugins. We will only use Universal Audio plugins when working in the digital domain. By using UAD plugins we are able to achieve a digital mastering service that rivals other analogue mastering studios. Many of the plugins we use in our digital mastering chain we also own in analogue format. Accurate emulation and hands on knowledge of these plugins allows us to mastering our clients music of all genres to the very best of it’s ability.

Stem Mastering Service ( £50 – £70 )
Audio Animals offer by far the best stem mastering service online. Whilst other studios sum your mix in the box, Audio Animals sum out the box through a 36 channel Solid State Logic console. By stem mastering on a hybrid mixing setup combined with a mastering setup, we are able to insert where necessary analogue eq’s and compressors of the highest calibre. By working in this way we are able to stem master all genres of music to the highest quality.

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