Below are a few helpful tips I’ve found over time when using facebook as a musician and engineer. These tips have helped myself and company grow in a substantial way reaching millions each week. Some you may already be doing, some you may have never thought of. Understanding how facebook works now is very important. Facebook is now based on who engages with you sees your posts. We see a lot of people moaning they can not reach their audience anymore. This is because you haven’t engaged your audience and facebook sees them as someone who is not interested in your posts.

Engage your audience. The best  way to do this is to keep your posts interesting. Ask questions and invite a response. Finish a post with a question mark. When someone comments on your post they are now seen as engaged with you. Once engaged this will mean your posts will now show up in their news feed.

Don’t spam. When you constantly spam peoples walls and inbox’s about your new WIP or release. More often than not you’ll get either a thumbs up or a thanks. In other words a polite way of saying I’ve acknowledged you sending me this link but I won’t be listening to it because I see it as spam and it’s annoying. Instead, ok it takes longer but try and type a unique message to each each person not just a copy and paste link with the text check my new wip out hit like and share bro.

You don’t need to post the same post all day long. Engage everyone on one post rather than engaging 1 person on 10 different post. Every time someone comments or likes the post it is shared to their news feed and mutual friends news feeds. This engages more people to the post and facebook sees it as being an important post more people will like to see.

Keep your drama off your facebook music profile. You can create a separate page to use to vent your anger that your ex girlfriend was with another guy. Your fans don’t want to know this and may get bored of your moaning and decide to unfollow.

Stay positive. Don’t complain about how your not making the money you deserve in the music industry and how you are better than everyone else. You will come across as lets face it a bit of an arse.

Don’t add your mum on your music profile. She will embarrass you, it’s what mothers do.

Be careful who you add on facebook. Not only because there are some weird people out there on the internet but also because it’s only a matter of time before your reach your 5000 friends limit. If you have 5000 friends on facebook keeping 5000 people who are not interested in what you are doing engaged is incredibly difficult. Instead have 1000 people who want to see your every post and want to speak with you in comments and instant messenger.

Images work wonders on facebook. A good image is more likely to be liked and shared thus increasing the amount of people engaged with your posts. A post written in text is good but attaching an image that describes what you have written is better.

Let your fans know about what you are doing. Give your fans a unique insight into your life as a musician. You are your own moderator and you can control what people see and what people don’t see. If you’ve upgrade your studio let your fans know, they are interested in your progress as a musician. Share your achievements, it’s not boasting it’s merely sharing your joy with people who care.

Don’t pay to promote your posts on Facebook. Value for money is not good. You will spend a fortune paying for something that by following the simple points above will give you a much larger reach and natural growth. Paid promotion is a great way to get the ball rolling on a post but having 10 people comment and 10 people like it will work out the equivalent of about ¬£5 in paid advertising. By them commenting and liking your post, facebook will post it in their friends news feed as “your friends name commented on this post”

Written By Paul Ashmore ( Audio Animals Mixing and Mastering Engineer )

10 Helpful Tips When Using Facebook As A Musician

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