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1. Record your own samples. This may be quite time consuming but in an age where most music sounds the same, recording your own sounds will achieve a sound all of your own. Creativity will increase as a result to using new and unique sounds.

2. Take a few days out from writing music. This may sometimes not be possible. But try taking a few days off to refresh yourself if you are finding it hard to locate where the track is going. Often doing so will give you a fresh perspective on the track.

3. Disconnect your piano or midi controller from your project. Use it stand alone and write acoustic music not to a click or specific Bpm. Let the music you play move you. If you can write sheet music do so. If you can’t write music on a pad in a way you understand and translates to you.

4. Ask others for advice. With the likes of facebook and other networking avenues you have hundreds of producers who will happily give you advice on where they feel you should take the track. Upload a work in progress to Soundcloud to share with your friends and get their thoughts on the track.

5. Try and draw on emotions. Write about a specific feeling or life event that will cause you to write a song which show that emotion.

6. Switch genre. By doing so you may give the track a unique twist which you can later remix back into the original genre.

7. Write at night. Often the distractions of others will cause you to lose your flow. This may be family if you are working from home or facebook if you are connected to the Internet.

8. Download a new sample pack. A sound or loop may inspire a whole new track written around this loop.

9. Bounce your track down into a remix pack. This is a long process but by doing so you can load the track samples into a sampler and create a whole new track which may flow easier.

10. Keep things simple. The more complex your track the easier it can be to lose your flow. If you are beginning to stack up a lot of different channels try and group these channels as buses. This will reduce the amount of visible channels and make the song look a little less confusing. Thus freeing yourself up to be more creative.

10 Tips On How To Combat Writers Block

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