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Monday morning traffic aside, I arrived at the studio to start work – tea ready of course. The morning consisted of a meeting discussing various issues, one of which was the recent decline in fan reach on social networking sites and how to tackle the obvious drawbacks this presents. Unfortunately it seems as though this is the way things will continue, regardless of all the hard work and determination it takes to build and maintain an engaging fanbase.

Today saw me writing Hip Hop style instrumentals and getting ideas together for a new service available soon through Audio Animals. This was a great experience for me and will be something I can continue in my own time, while freeing up time for tasks only achievable in the studio. Having a strong production background this style of job became natural to me and was great to work with the studios high end analogue synths.

The final task of the day was to put a korg MS20 sample pack together, which included everything from routing the cables correctly to splicing and processing the final product. Another great learning curve and an awesome opportunity to get hands-on experience with real hardware, I won’t want to touch a virtual synth again after finding out how much better an analogue synth  running through a good pre-amp sounds, not to mention the added bonus of analogue distortion! I wonder if an analogue Thor or Malstrom will ever exist, food for thought!

Korg MS-20 Sample Pack

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