With the days mixing and mastering complete we decided to test some of the new gear we have just installed this week. This week we installed the following new gear to improve the quality of our mix and mastering. We installed two new API racks housing 2 Maag EQ4’s, 2 Little Labs Vogs, Shadow Hill Duel Vandergraph Compressor, Elysia Xfilter Stereo EQ. All these hardware eq’s and compressors are also availible by UAD Universal Audio. UAD supply accurate emulations of classic analogue hardware in plugin format for in the box processing. UAD are unlike any other plugin company in the industry. Supplying high end quality plugins by names such as Shadow Hills, Maag, SSL, Ampex, Neve and many more. UAD use SHARC DSP chips to accurately emulate analogue plugins.

The Analogue Vs UAD Emulation Challenge

Below are 7 audio clips. In each audio clip is an analogue recording and a digital recording. The analogue recording using the analogue hardware and the digital recording using the UAD plugin emulation. Both analogue and digital settings are set up exactly the same. This ensures accurate comparison between the two files. We challenge you to try and find out which is the analogue recording and which is the UAD emulation. We will be posting the answers here on our facebook page. Please bare in mind these are high end analogue emulation plugins and not budget plugins such as found stock with your DAW or in waves bundles. So it’s not an easy task to tell the difference.

If you feel you can tell which is which, post on the facebook thread here or post at the bottom of this page. We will announce the answers tomorrow night and see who has the best trained ears.

Analogue Eq’s and Compressors we have used in the examples below.

  • Maag Eq4
  • SSL E Series Compressor Eq
  • SSL G Series Buss Compressor

Analogue Vs UAD Emulation Maag EQ4Analogue Vs UAD Emulation E Series EQ CompressorAnalogue Vs UAD Emulation Maag Analogue Vs UAD Emulation E Series Channel StripAnalogue Vs UAD Emulation 4k Buss Compressor


1. Digital – Analogue
2. Analogue – Digital
3. Digital – Analogue
4. Analogue – Digital
5. Digital – Analogue
6. Analogue – Digital
7. Analogue – Digital

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