Today’s work consists of 1 live album to master. Today was the first I listened to the album and I must say it’s nothing short of brilliance. The artist and band are called Andrew Ferris. Check out his youtube channel here. Andrew’s bio taken from his facebook page.

“I am not afraid to say that I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I took the road less travelled, made mistakes dressed up as fun. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one”.
With such introspective and honest lyrics, British songwriter Andrew Ferris is a rare creature. There aren’t many performers out there these days that are willing to share their most personal life experiences and feelings with the audience, going against the stereotypes of the “music business” façade.
It’s all about the art, and Andrew’s dedication to it has proven to be so deep and genuine that it truly changed his life: Andrew has made his way throughout Europe busking, sharing his songs from ear to ear, from heart to heart, within the most humble and primitive interaction between performer and listener.
His music falls somewhere in between folk and indie-pop, with an essentialist approach that reflects the strength of his live act and the emotional strength of his lyrics and melodies.
The fragility of the songs featured on his debut EP “Red Lorry” is also their strength; Andrew takes on his songwriting with an honest and humble approach that is reflected by his music and lyrics.
Currently based in Austria, Andrew Ferris focuses on his studio work as opposed to his live performances, developing and exploring the format of video-song, opening the door to new possibilities and ways to share his art with people.

andrew Ferris

Track 1 of 9 is a great intro track, whilst mastering we were bopping along to it from start to finish. Positive vibes and really sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Track 2 of 9 has a great folk vibe. So well recorded and really makes a huge difference.

Track 3 of 9 is great chilled relax number. Such great vocals and guitar playing. This is the type of song you can sit back chill out and listen to with a nice pint after a long days work.

Track 4 of 9 this track is a funny one great lyrics was actually laughing while mastering. Can really relate to this track. Again such a great vibe even has a harmonica in so that +5 gold stars.

Track 5 of 9 is an up tempo guitar strumming funky track. This is a great little track lots of energy, you could really dance to. I can almost hear this track played at a barn dance in an old western movie.

Track 6 of 9 has a great message in the vocals. Excellent lyrics and well recorded. I think most people will relate to the chorus.

Track 7 of 9 has a classic pop live sound to it. Very appealing to the masses and radio play. I love the bass in this track. Chorus is so catchy. So far after listing to 7 tracks there isn’t one I’d say is a poor track. Actually feel honored to be the first person to listen to this album. I know Andrew has had this album in the making for a while now and to hear how the album is panning out is great.

Track 8 of 9 is a another excellent track. A little slower than the others. I feel myself bopping away loving the vibe. Guitar sounds amazing. Track is almost swing music

Track 9 of 9 is the last track on the album and is chilled and the perfect song to end with. An amazing acoustic piece. I feel the track selection is perfect and the album will do incredibly well. It’s been a pleasure mastering this album and look forward to receiving my signed copy in the post.

Well done Andrew Ferris this one of the best music pieces I’ve had the pleasure of mastering all year. Excellent work and we will be in contact soon regarding sample packs and future work with us. We’ve been so impressed with the quality Andrew has displayed in this album that we plan to release some live sample packs with him in the near future.

Andrew Ferris Busking

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