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Q.1 Please tell us about yourself, what do you do within the music industry?
A. I am a bass music DJ and producer from Estonia, I prefer to not limit myself to any particular genre: dubstep, drum and bass, most flavours of house, techno, hip-hop, anything goes. Not really known, but I do manage to get the odd DJ gig. I try to produce stuff, I would like to exist, i.e get the things out of my head and into a sound format.

Q.2 How did you first get introduced to music?
A. When I started listening to dubstep back at 2006 or so, I was amazed about the innovation and originality that existed back then, so wanted to try producing myself. Started out with a pirated copy of Reason 3 and began teaching myself about music theory and sound design. Soon I realized I wanted audio and VST support, so I moved over to A pirated copy of FL studio, which I eventually bought. This is also a perfect example of why piracy is a good thing in some cases, I ended up buying the thing, when I was sure I liked it(I tend to do it a lot). Would never have ended up buying most of the stuff, if I didn’t get to test them out to see if they are worth my money in the first place.

Q.3 What are your inspirations?
A. Anything. Sometimes its the sound of a tram taking a curve and grinding its wheels, sometimes its the multivoiced choir I go to listen to in a venue, sometimes it’s the fat tune I hear at a rave.

Q.4 Who are your musical idols?
A. Today there’s so much talent there, it’s hard to say. Reso pops to mind, because every single one of his tunes is written to perfection. Possibly Noisia as well as their production is just awesome, besides making most of today’s producers depressed with beyond godly mixdowns.

Q.5 What music equipment do you currently use?
A. A PC. Tascam US-200 interface, at this moment I am limited to shitty HiFi speakers and my sennheiser headphones, occasionally getting to tweak my sound at my mates studio. Also I have a Oxygen-25 keyboard and some self-built and designed guitar stompbox prototypes. DJ wise I use whatever the venue has, If it has turntables, I drag my vinyl along, accompanied by CDs, if it has nothing, I borrow a controller from one of my mates and take PC along as well.

Q.6 What is your biggest musical achievement to date?
A. Probably one of the bigger gigs, where you get these rare moments, when you get an idea to try a daring mix/transition and it works perfectly and a lot better than expected, while the crowd goes nuts as well, you know, dopamine rush.

Q.7 How long have you been working in the music industry?
A. Not professional and thus not working, it’s a hobby and been enjoying it since about 2007.

Q.8 What are your musical plans for the future?
A. Work with more people, get more done. Hopefully get a release, albeit a free one, unless it’s on a psyhical format. When I have spare money I plan to get one of my tunes mastered, so I can see what it feels like.

Q.9 Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
A. Get known enough so I get more gigs, besides being fun, they are a source of income so I’d finally have a purpose built room to deal with the hobby :)

Q.10 Do you have any links to your social media pages you would like to share?


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