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Q.1 Please tell us about yourself, what you do within the music industry?
Hey there, My name is Siy and I produce under the name Digital Fury and promote under the name HardstepWarrior. I currently produce heavy dubstep and promote heavy bass music on youtube.

Q.2 How did you first get introduced to music?
I first got into music at a very young age, the rock side from my Father and the more dance based music from my mother. When I was about 13 my mother introduced me to ‘Hardstyle’ and I just fell in love with it. I began learning how to mix hardstyle but slowly opening my mind to other kinds of music. I then discovered Chiptune and Breakcore and this is where I knew I wanted to produce music.

I purchased a gameboy with LSDJ and began learning how to use Trackers to produce gameboy music and learning how to slice Amen drum loops to make breakcore drums.

Q.3 What are your inspirations?
My inspirations are just the idea of people enjoying my music. Being able to share something with people that I have made really makes me happy. Music is a great inspiration.

Q.4 Who are your musical idols?
I could go on forever haha. I think my most idolised person in music would have to be Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot. He experiments with all different kinds of music, equipment and ways of producing music. He even has a convereted Atari console on stage as a music device. It’s outstanding stuff. I also consider Jesse Lacey (Brand New), Robert Smith (The Cure) and Tyler Carter (Woe, Is Me & Issues) as musical idols due to their outstanding lyrics.

Q.5 What music equipment do you currently use?
I currently produce my music using my desktop computers with some pretty big speakers (can’t think of the brand). I mainly use Native Instruments Massive to create my bass sounds and a variety of different plugins, depends on the the track. I also occasionally flick on the old gameboy and work on some classic 8bit music. I currently use a Mixtrack pro for mixing but am looking to upgrade to the new numark controllers. Can’t wait!

Q.6 What is your biggest musical achievement to date?
I’d have to say getting featured on the channel JesusDied4Dubstep or landing the job as HardstepWarrior. I was so thankful that I was uploaded to JD4D as it’s one of the channels that got me into bass music in the first place. And Hardstepwarrior has made me able to give back to the ‘heavy’ dubstep community and promote upcoming artists who are struggling to have people listen to their music.

Q.7 How long have you been working in the music industry?
I’d say a good 4 or 5 years now.

Q.8 What are your musical plans for the future?
I’m currently working on a new EP and a lot of individual releases and collaborations with some amazing artists such as Obsologic and a hardstyle based producer known as Exon.

Q.9 Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I’m hoping I can be playing shows, but if not I’ll still be releasing music, i’ll never stop!

Q.10 Do you have any links to your social media pages you would like to share?

Sure, my soundcloud can be found here

My facebook can be found here:

and my promotion channel can be found here

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