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Q.1 Please tell us about yourself, what you do within the music industry?
A. Hi, my name is Zing F., Born 20th November, 1990, in Imphal, Manipur, North-East India. And i go by the stage name “Young Dirrt”. I am a Rapper/singer/song-writer/composer based in Bangalore, India, currently signed to indie-label “Down South Empire records, India”.

Q.2 How did you first get introduced to music? A. I was raised in a family of musicians, my dad used to, (and still) plays the tabla. i have two elder brothers, some 10-12 years older than me, and heavily into rock music. Both of them are amazing guitarists. So, i was basically raised in a musical environment . i started playing the tabla, since a very young age..i could also play a few other instruments too like the guitar, drums, etc. but ever since i could remember, these things never appealed to me as much as rap music and hip-hop did. i was always fascinated by rap music.

Q.3 What are your inspirations? A. I love art, fashion, music and all sorts of other things which involve an artistic/creative element. I’m constantly inspired by music legends like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, to name a few.. I am also inspired by a lot of the “new-school” musicians/rappers such as drake, kendrick, j.cole, among others. but, i must say, out of all of these things, my Dad inspires me the most. I’m literally my dad’s biggest fan… I swear i have never met a person as perfect, as well as humble, as my Dad.

Q.4 Who are your musical idols? A. Like i said, Legends like Tupac, B.I.G, Eminem, Big L, Snoop, Dre… and also new-school artists like Drake, Cole, Kendrick, Big Sean, to name a few.. these guys constantly inspire me.

Q.5 What music equipment do you currently use? A. I’m more of a lyricist/performer than a producer. Therefore, even though i started trying my hands in production very recently, i usually go to a studio to produce, record, mix and master my tracks.

Q.6 What is your biggest musical achievement to date? A. I can’t pin-point what my biggest achievement is, but some of the things that made me feel accomplished/proud will be…

1.My debut music video being aired on National television,

2.My latest track “Dice” (which was mastered by Audio Animals) doing rounds on radio stations all over the world,(like jango) aside from being featured on major websites like, and a lot of other major international sites.

3.My Debut mixtape “Dreams” which dropped in march, 2014, getting massive support and reviews from all over the world.

Q.7 How long have you been working in the music industry? A. i would say at least 9-10 years, maybe more, i don’t remember the exact figure.

Q.8 What are your musical plans for the future? A. i want to release music, globally.. instead of just focussing in India or Asia. I’m also dropping my Debut Album this year (2014) in November. So hopefully, this album will put me in a better position.

Q.9 Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? A. As far as the Future is concerned, only God can tell what is destined for me. But as far as i know, i will hopefully be a successful, global person/artist. and for that, I’m giving (and will keep giving) my very best to my art until i make it.

Q.10 Do you have any links to your social media pages you would like to share? A. you can find all of my music, videos, reviews, and interviews at:

Young Dirrt

Artist Interview

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