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Q1. Welcome Mc Midas. Please tell us about yourself who you are and what you do?

A1. Hey what’s good Audio Animals. Ok well lets get cracking! My name is Dan Davis and my stage or artist name is MC ‘MIDAS’. After nearly seventeen years I can now say that I am a : MC / RAPPER / SINGER / PRODUCER / VOCAL ENGINEER / ARTIST DEVELOPER.

Q2. Where did it all begin for you, what got you into the mc game?

OK this is a good one , I like going back to these days. OK so me and my friends were sitting there with money to burn and nothing to do. So my good friend ‘Tucker B’ goes and buys some 1210’s brand spanking new and nearly five hundred pounds worth of UKG and Drum and Bass vinyl records. OK so we set up all the decks after realising we had to buy a technics mixer and the rest lol. And we were all having a go at mixing some tunes, we were all pretty bad. Then I decide it may be a good idea to spit lyrics with a karaoke mic over the instrumental tracks. That then together with listening to Sun city tape packs with PSG , CREED , UNKNOWN spittin on them and then going back in to the studio to emulate their flows and lyrics, I started to want to write my own lyrics and maybe do my own songs. And that was it I was hooked. I thought of my name reading a book about the Midas touch, quite a weird choice as eventually the guy apparently got too greedy and turned everyone he knew in to gold statues lol, but hey there you go.

Q3. What was your part within the So Solid Crew?

I first met Romeo from So Solid Crew at a rave in Woking, Surrey. We were double booked for the same set at the club, and when finding out I was quite happy to step down and let Romeo do his set, but props to Romey, he said ”Fam”, Lets do the set together its Cool” at which point a young inexperienced ‘Midas’ perspiring slightly and felt a little shook, but we did the set and after the set Romeo said that he really felt the contrast between our styles and thought we should get in the studio to record soon, as he had finished his current project which I believe was ‘Oh No’. At that time I was part of a collective called ‘2Jedi’ which was formed of 2 x producers and 3 x vocalists (Tucker B, Jay Mac,Midas,Joelle Atkins). We all spoke to Romeo and we agreed a date in Slamming Vinyl studios in Kingston Upon Thames. ‘2Jedi’ & ‘Rob Drysdale’ then made a song which was called ‘Too Dark’ which was a mixture of Garage and Hip Hop with Orchestral stabs and a heavy kick and a Star Wars sample to boot. The track was well received by Romeo and he was happy to then arrange a date to come in and lay his vocals. Myself and Romeo and 2jedi then wrote and recorded the song in a day. That night listening to the tune at home in bed I was in another world I have to say. I knew the tune was bigger than anything I had heard and that I sounded better than I ever had before on previous recordings and singles. A few days after the tune was snapped up by Paper Money Recordings, and 2Jedi then became part of So Solid on song features and collaborations. For those of you that own theat particular vinyl, you will notice there is a sticker over my name and under that sticker is the word ‘MINUS’ which unfortunately is not my name, and YES that was frustrating. I then went on with 2Jedi to feature on songs with Megaman, Scatt D, Darksyde, and also don Face on more recent projects. I also helped paint GMans house recently which he owes me a BTRU Cap for. Im still waitin G! wink. Hope to see Romeo at UKG Fest and do a little PA of the track as true Garage heads know about that track and I think without any ego that it remains one of their best releases. Hale So Solid, got your back from day.

Q4. We recently worked with yourself and Hyperactive on the late great Mc Spark’s R.I.P mix of Frequency. Tell us about the inspiration of this track and what it’s all about?

Losing Sparks was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with because normally I just go to my music and release it on there. But with the ‘Frequency’ track it was an even harder project to approach. From the very first time I played the beat to Sparks (RIP), he would always say that if he goes on any other release it will be this record. He loved it. So much to the point that he would verbally assault me on the phone to get it arranged for us to vocal it. Lololol Believe me when I say that Sparks was not backwards in coming forwards. Real talk.So let’s put it this way. I got the track arranged. Simple. I didn’t see the hype, to me it had a good new school meets old school style to it, but it was very basic In structure so it had to be an mc track. So myself and Sparks and the very talented Hyperactive put our verses to the track and then left it in the very capable hands of Audio Animals to do us a final master. During this time Sparks very sadly and suddenly passed away. But one thing was clear to me and I will never forget this. Sparks told me that we had to get this tune mastered and finished for the forthcoming summer play abroad to get hype on the track. Myself and Hyperactive got the song finished and it has now been released on Juno, Beatport and ITunes. All proceeds from any copies sold go to the family of MC Sparks and his children. If you haven’t bought a copy buy one. #R.I.P MC SPARKS

Q5. What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future. How different they would be if I didn’t love music. OK. So I guess the future at the moment is gonna be about maintaining my work rate I have applied for the last eighteen months. And that purely involves working with Talented Artists. Regardless of status and without judgement. Working on all my genres even more closely, And by that I mean like there are many genres I love spitting to but I can’t say that I have marketed myself in and around those genres followers and listeners. Not bragging but I am a very versatile MC and I feel very comfortable on any bpm from 80 to 145 and on any genre like UKG, Grime, Hip Hop, TRAP, BREAKBEAT, Acoustic, House etc. But I think in the near future my aim will be to force the material I have in to them genres and get them heard and shared as much as possible. Nothing worse than a one trick pony. I also want to start attending more events and meeting the right people, I confess that the old Midas would much prefer sitting in the studio making a new album rather than leaving the house. My ex girlfriends will happily admit that lol. #married2music

Q6. You’re performing at UKG Fest this month. What will your fans be in for when you hit the stage?

Im gonna be all over that dance like a mad scientist guys. I am booked on the Friday in the Garage Centrale Arena, and Main stage for the Sparks tribute set – And on the Saturday I will be in all the rooms representing, including a repeat main stage performance with DJ Statix for the Sparks tribute set. In terms of what to expect. New Barz, New Flow, New Approach, No issues – Straight Hype. With several drinks on the Saturday for Hyperactives birthday.

Q7. Who have been your inspirations in the many genres you spit lyrics to?

Gonna list all my inspirations and I already know I’m gonna miss some names please don’t hate on me, I will include you at the bottom of the interview lol.

Sparks R.I.P – Vapour – Dappa – Dirty James AKA Ebony J – Precious – Hyperactive – Method Man – Black Twang – Q Tip – Eminem – Busta – Royce da 59 – Yellowolf – Plan B – Durty Goodz – Big Narstie – Jigga Flow – PSG

Q8. Where can we find your music?

You can find my music on :
Add me on Facebook :
for more detailed info ; Please email :

Final Words

OK ‘Audio Animals it has been a pleasure but this seat is uncomfortable and the dancers have gone home. And its way past my bed time. In fact haven’t you guys got a studio to get to? I know you work 24 hours and live on bacon sarnies. Its been a pleasure and Massive shout to Audio Animals for the interview and hope you’ve all learnt a little about me. Press play if you wanna hear more.

Banging It Harder

Mc Midas Banging It Harder

Mc Midas Mc Sparks

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