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On the 9th of October 2012 Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall left their current studio employment and teamed up to create Audio Animals Studio. We celebrated our 2 year birthday by having a lovely meal at Sheesh in Chigwell with close friends. After our meal pictured below we watched our close personal friend Austin Drage sing with band the Baby Devilles. Amazing show by these incredible talented and super tight band.

2 Years Of Our Favourite Achievements

  • Mastering work in the Winter’s Tale – Official Trailer ( Warner Bro ) [ watch here ]
  • Mixing And Mastering The Amazing Spider Man 2 PSA ( Sony Pictures ) [ watch here ]
  • Mastering album of music for X-Men Days Of Futures Past ( 20th Century Fox )
  • Mastering Mampi Swift’s release a. Soldiers b. the silence [ listen here ]
  • Mastering 3 albums for Sub Pub Music in LA
  • Mixing And Mastering for Beth Sherburn and Lil Wayne
  • Mastering 2 albums for Singers Inc
  • Mastering for vocalists Kele Le Roc, Austin Drage, Zoe Birkett, Steve Balsamo, Ben Richards, Zoe Rainey.
  • Working with Martin Hearn the drummer for The Drifters [ listen here ]
  • Mastering Mc Sparks R.I.P track Frequency
  • Hitting 50,000 likes on our facebook page [ visit facebook page here ]
  • Audio Animals Label release hits No.1 in 3 charts and No.1 downloaded track on the whole of Juno Download
  • Buying a 52 channel SSL console and various other high end gear [ full gallery here ]
  • Working closely with talented vocalists Jenny Jones, Austin Drage, Kymberley Myles.
  • Working closely with Erb N Dub on various sample packs.
  • Mastering LTJ Bukem and Nicky Blackmarkets promo mixes.
  • Mastering Frankee Razor and Polarbear’s latest release.
  • Mastering for Andrae Carter one of the world’s best reggae guitarists.
  • + many many many more

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last two years. Greatly appreciated by everyone at Audio Animals.

Sheesh Chigwell

Austin Drage Sheesh

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