Within this sample pack are 112 metal hits comprising of 11 different metal objects. Metal objects recorded include a beer keg, burnt out train, chiminea, gas canister, cement mixer, bin, birdcage, gate, bathtub and road signs. Within the sample pack is a custom kontakt sampler that allows you to control the parameters of the eq and compressor, fx rack and ADSR. Included in the sampler is a convolution reverb that has 128 unique impulse responses. By utilising the convolution reverb you can create sounds with incredible textures and tones.

Audio Animals Samples Paul Portugal     AAS Half Oil Drum     AAS Bathtub     ASS Mixer

Old Train     AAS Rusty Bucket     AAS Petrol Can     Car Tavira

The signal chain I used to create the samples was a relatively simple yet effective one. Recorded the bongos using three mics to give added width to the samples.

Metal object
Zoom H6 (stereo shotgun attachemt) Karma K-10 Left + Right
Ampex ATR 102
Maag EQ4
SSL 9000 K Series Eq Compressor
Cambridge EQ

You can download this sample pack from the Audio Animals Samples home page by clicking the download free button below. There you will find a number of other free sample packs ready to download instantly by clicking the sample pack image.



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