Today we began working with Sega’s new trap track Riddim Skool. Below we recorded a video of Paul Ashmore mixing down the track in real time. Prior to the video starting, in the box processing was applied to the mix to ensure every channel was perfectly processed ready for mixing. When processing audio stems in the box we always use and recommend UAD 2 plugins. The worlds best plugin so accurate to analogue equivalent it is emulating. Once ITB processing is complete we began summing out the box through the Solid State Logic Madi AX to the two¬†Solid State Logic X Racks. Now we are summing out the box we are able to insert analogue eqs and compressors. We began the mix routing the 808 to the SSL mono compressor – eq. The snare bus was routed to the SSL stereo compressor, this bus consisted of 3 snares. The drum mix is summed out to the SSL G series bus compressor using parallel compression. The lead bass has been inserted into the SSL stereo compressor in order to tame any sharp peaks that are occurring in the audio. Next we toyed with the idea of compressing the hard synth chord stem using the SSL 4k compressors but decided to use the SSL 4k eq’s instead allowing us the mix this harsh synth chord pattern correctly for the mix. The 2nd kick in the mix was routed out to the SSL mono compressor and then into the SSL mono eq. As you can hear every so often we will A/B the original reference mix to stay as close to the clients requested sound as possible. This enables us to mix the track with a happy medium between what the client wants and what the track needs to sound like in order to stand up against the big top selling tracks. Over the past years we have mixed down a lot of trap music, more and more as the genre grows in popularity. It’s beginning to become my favored electronic genre to mix as the sounds used are generally very clean and clear. As a mix engineer you are able to get a really solid mix perfect for the mastering stage.

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