Today we began by stem mastering an excellent dubstep / breaks / electro style track. So much energy involved in it. The type of track you would hear in a film like Transformers. The original mix was ok but the difference stem mastering makes to a track as a whole blows clients away. The massive selling point for the stem mastering Audio Animals provide is the full use of the SSL desk. Each channel of your mix is summed through the 24 channel summing mixer and individually routed to the SSL eq and compressors making for an amazing mix. In this session we routed the Kick to one SSL 4k compressor and the acid bass to the other SSL 4k compressor. We then routed the snare to one super analogue stereo compressor and routed the other stereo SSL compressor to the lead. The hat’s and percussion were then summed through the SSL 24 channel mixer into the SSL G series bus compressor. Lastly the two stereo eqs were routed, 4k to bass lead and super analogue to the pluck lead.

The stem mastering package we at Audio Animals provide is nothing short of excellent. Mastering is great and will sound amazing every time. Despite what many may think most mix downs aren’t of a high standard. This is partly due to most producers not having high end equipment. There is only so much a computer can achieve in the box. With stem mastering your track is summed and mixed through our ¬£20,000 SSL desk giving your track that quality sound you’ve always wanted. Most of our clients opt to pay a little more as the results are so much better. When mastering an excellent master is determined on an excellent mix. If you are unsure about your mix or simply just want a guaranteed excellent master every time that will rival any professional chart topping release stem mastering is the way forward.

Stem mastering is simple all you need to do is bounce each bus down in your mix to 24bit wav with around -3db of headroom. We advise most clients to bounce their 12 stems down like this.

  • Stem 1: Kick
  • Stem 2: Snare
  • Stem 3: Hats
  • Stem 4: Perc
  • Stem 5: Drum Fill
  • Stem 6: Sub Bass
  • Stem 7: Bass 1
  • Stem 8: Bass 2
  • Stem 9: Lead 1
  • Stem 10: Lead 2
  • Stem 11: Fxs
  • Stem 12: Vocals

To order stem mastering you can do so here.

SSL X-Rack super analogue

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