To celebrate a very successful start to the new year we have made a huge upgrade to both the mixing and mastering chain. The upgrade included an SSL Nucleus which we wanted to sink into the desk. This meant building a new desk to house the Nucleus correctly. Some careful design and planning took place working out the best possible way to sink the console and have all mixing and mastering processing equipment directly to hand. The upgrades we have made to the studio are as follows.

  • Solid State Logic Nucleus
  • Solid State Logic 9k Stereo EQ
  • API 6b Lunchbox
  • Api 8b Lunchbox
  • Shadow Hills Duel Vandergraph Compressor
  • 2x Maag EQ4
  • 2x Little Labs Vogs
  • Elysia Xfilter Stereo EQ
  • Analogue Addicts 1960’s Style LA2A
  • 1176 Clone
  • 2x Switchcraft Dsub Patchbays
  • Octavamod Hulk 990 Mic

These upgrade have not only improved quality of both mixing and mastering but have also improved workflow and creativity. We have 6 slots left in the API 500 series lunchboxes which we will be installing additional EQ’s and compressors over the coming months. Top of the list are two Helios 69 EQ’s. We are gradually building up all hardware versions of our favorite UAD plugins we use in the box if need be.


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