Legend has it that Johney was left as an infant in the care of King Vladimir, ruler of present-day Slovakia in the 14th century. Vladimir proceeded to teach him the art of using a philosopher’s stone (one of which he had lying around) not just to gain immortality but also to manipulate breaks in a skilful manner. Johney proceeded to teach himself the art of the sub bass, combining the resultant sub frequencies with his Vladimir-influenced immortal breaks to create the track Tidal Wave.

0h85 is often quoted by eminent critics, such as myself, to be the most inventive user of Soul. After having gained access to this spirituality through many years of training under the watchful eye of Jimmy Jamz, he now creates tracks concerning the life and times of the Soul that wants to leave the Hood. During the day, he disguises himself as a gas station employee in one of the many gas stations around Pennsylvania so no one tries to steal his Soul. At night, he makes those gangster beats to free the Soul, such as the one in this release, which is named 412

released 30 July 2014
Mastered by: Audio Animals
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Johney - Tidal Wave
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