Nicky Havey – Track review, the Halloween Horrors

Dark Times & Ghost of Snare

I titled this track review “Halloween horrors” as I made these two songs when I was going through a very dark, depressing time in my PhD, which also coincided with the same time as Halloween a couple of years ago. I actually had these on my Soundcloud page 2 years ago but they weren’t mastered properly until now (thanks to the Audio Animals) and I have to say, coming back to these two tracks retrieved memories of a place in my mind that I don’t want to be going back to ever again.

They are the two darkest tracks I’ve made in terms of atmosphere and were pretty well received by my friends, despite them being expressions of depression. The first, Dark Times, actually got airtime on Marlow FM, a local radio station back home thanks to Louise Carron Harris on her New Music Discovery show, which caused me to beam from ear to ear!

Next, Ghost of Snare, goes even darker than Dark Times. I was recommended to send this off to a community called “Soundshoots” which had a theme “Halloween horrors” and it actually won me a pair of headphones. Thanks to Joy for the suggestion and to Oliver who keeps the community going. Despite the depressing element of these tracks on a personal level, they have given a lot of light back, thanks to the followers and friends for keeping me going when I needed it the most.

Mastered by: Audio Animals
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Nicky Havey

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