NovaKane’s concluding part to the ‘Anti-Gravity EP’ continues as he means to go on. Defying the laws of physics, ballistic beats and rapacious reeses accompany the counterpart to the sci-fi based EP.

‘Anti-Gravity – Part Two’ opens with the powerhouse ‘Ultron’. As robotics reach an overbearing peak for humanity, the drop represents the breaking point. Dark, punchy drums guide mechanised synthesis to acknowledge the technological takeover.

Decimating decibels through the continued journey through space and time, ‘Hypernova’ takes you to the nether regions of the galaxy. Energy pulsates through the use of arpeggiators and unpredictable reeses, while haunting vocals and melodies depict the death of a once colossal star.

A. Ultron
B. Hypernova (feat. Polona Leben)

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Mastered by: Audio Animals
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NovaKane - Anti-Gravity EP - Part Two

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