Free Tracks:

  1. My Vibe
  2. Tonight
  3. However Do You Want Me

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Roobinz – Ride This Out EP

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Artist: Roobinz

Mastered by: Audio Animals

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“After the release of this EP Ride This Out [ Mastered by Audio Animals ], British beat maker Roobinz comes again by giving us 3 new free download tracks. This definitely proves us that this artist is not looking to “get married” with one genre. Meanwhile in “My Vibe” we will listen to a deep-house slow melody with rappy vocals, in “Tonight” and “However Do You Want Me”we’ll go back to the basic techno techno scene.” – Music Radar

Here is Roobinz playing at Ocean Beach, Ibiza.

Roobinz - Ocean Beach Ibiza


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