Ununpentium is an epic and aggressive hybrid-orchestral dramatic score with glitchy industrial elements, triumphant choir, intense and heroic string and brass arrangements with some downright dirty and sinister sound design. Ununpentium is a new breed of epic massive mayhem, unleashed to the public at their own risk.

Composed by Alexandre Guiraud, Christian Baczyk, Cody Still, Goran Dragas and Mikkel Heimburger.


Mastered by: Audio Animals
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Sub Pub Music’s first double feature – Ununpentium & Involution will be released two weeks apart starting with Ununpentium TODAY! (10/3/2014)

Ununpentium is the hybrid side and Involution is the emotional. The yin and yang of Sub Pub Music’s trailer music catalog.


SPM012 - Ununpentium
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