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I have been following the Audio Animals since the beginning of 2014 and was pleased to see them announce their first release of a great, feel good song by True Illusion and Kymberley Myles. What I was even more pleased about seeing was that you could get the remix pack from them including all the stems and as I was looking for some new samples to work with anyway, I thought, why not? It was more in speculation rather than expectation that I downloaded these to create a remix and how it came about was quite geeky but I might as well share the story! I am quite a nerd and really like watching Horizon programs (an educational TV program all about science and space etc) and I always wanted to incorporate somehow the melody of the older theme tunes of the program in to a dnb track. So I gave it a go, albeit a variation of that theme tune with the vocals of the Live Another Day and the rest all fell in to place really nicely! I posted a preview about a month ago to gauge people’s response who follow me and also to see if the original artists and Audio Animals liked the direction of it…. which they did! So that gave me incentive to finish off the remix and you can get it for free on my soundcloud page along with all the other songs I make for free download: I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I am running the Berlin marathon on the 28th September to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. I also completed the UK 3 Peaks challenge in July in 23 hours and 35 minutes so any donation would be appreciated! Please see the justgiving link below: You can also follow the progress of this on my facebook page: Thanks to Audio Animals for mastering all my tracks and giving the opportunity for the remix in the first place. Take care everyone and enjoy the music! True Illusion & Kymberley Myles - Live Another Day (Nicky Havey Remix)

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