Veteran UK spitter and hip hop artist Verbal Skillz returns with his 3rd studio album Old Man Rapper.

Following the releases of The Guillotine Album and VerbalVision, Verbal lives up to his reputation as one of the UK’s hardest working emcees, putting in the work and grinding hard to produce some of the best independent music again with some of the industry’s biggest names. The idea for this album title came from his love of the Marvel Universe and the Old Man Logan character. The similarities were obvious and as an old school head amongst a legion of young hungry artists, he was getting older and he was still as deadly as ever!

Production on the Old Man Rapper album is like the shifting of tectonic plates with some heavyweight names in the hip hop game working the boards. The album title track is a banger from US beat maker Sultan Mir, who produces 4 tracks on the album and gives that dark heat to the title track ‘Old Man Rapper’ the lead single.

Live from the Streets creator and beat junkie Mr Green drops a signature head nodding beat on the track ‘Dickensian Times’ which looks at the struggle most artists go through in the hip hop scene trying to get a little shine, it’s as if we’re stuck in the Dickensian Times!

Detroit legend and intergalactic super producer of the moment Apollo Brown drops two gritty boombap tracks into the mix for ‘Don’t Try To Tell me’ a tale of the bullshit stories every artist must hear about what people can do for them and ‘N16 6AH’ (I Pray for Trouble) which is about the overuse (especially in hip hop) of the N-word. This track also has features from heavyweight spitters REKS, Micall Parknsun and Journalist103. Verbal wanted the Old Man Rapper album to be mostly his work but this track just jumped out for a little hip hop indulgence. Each artist brings their own look at this dark word and the effect it’s had on them. Micall Parknsun swaps the mic for the Akai and comes with a trip head bopper of a beat on track 77. This track tells a story of the times that Verbal as a kid did, which you could never get away with as an adult!!

UK producer and serious beatsmith Richy Spitz drops 3 tracks through the album and his distinctive style is easy to hear. ‘Begging By the Station’ is a deep look into judging the world around us too quickly. Elbe Kim comes correct with a melodic soulful joint called ‘SuperbVerbally’ which sees Verbal Skillz spit “bars from here to mars, if these words are the stitches the sentence is the scars”. Verbals hip hop co-conspirator and good friend Dj Stix again has his skillful fingers working their magic as he drops cuts on 3 tracks, especially on the title track which shows why he is a world class Dj! Stix also helped with the arrangements and mixes to give the album that extra special flavor.

Greg Blackman added the finishing touch and produced an epic piece of artwork to capture that ‘Old Man Rapper’ spirit to bring the physicals to life.

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