Cyber Ninja Says….

The Optical Eyesight E.P. came in to life as a side project whilst writing the Moody Bootleggers album and single’s (Liquid / Soulful D&B). The Moody Bootleggers planning and working rate was intense and took two years to write (music & Lyrics) but putting the hard work in really paid off and brought us great accolades. As the studio filled with the sounds of Soul and Liquid flavors for those years to find balance I found my self unwinding at home playing video games with my son, whilst we blasted out Ed Rush and Optical (by the way that’s a testament to just how good there music is, there’s 30 years between my son and I, and it hooks both of us down the wormhole). All the connections with the Optical Eyesight to Ed Rush and Optical that people may make are totally by accident, the name of the project refers to the front cover etc, but there influence has infected me like a virus and i think you will hear that in the project and my next few releases under the aka Cyber Ninja, mastered of course at my favorite mastering house Audio Animals.

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Cyber Ninja - Optical Eyesight EP

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