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Gunshotz has been tearing down raves and getting reloads worldwide with its pounding sub-bass and hypnotic alien sounding stabs. With the combination of hiphop artist Benny Grimm’s vocal samples in the mix Danny Rich has created a dancehall banger with jungle breaks and atmospheric strings adding to the mix.
Getting worldwide support from DJs such as Lion dub , marvelous Cain (yard rock) , t.c izlam , funky flirt , I candy . Demented frequency , virus ( reinforced records), s.o (Nu:era) Phantom d ( total hypnosis ) Dj Tiny plus many more. Also radio stations such as KoolLondon , Origin , Rough Tempo , Naked Beatz .

The inspiration for ‘gunshotz’ came from Danny rich’s love for jungle / DnB from around 96-2000.
Labels such as V Records / Full Cycle / Philly Blunt ( Roni Size , Krust , Die ), Ganja Records / True Playaz ( Hype, Zinc ) have influenced Danny’s sound of today.
Benny Grimm’s vocal sample was taken from a Hiphop track Danny Rich produced in

2011 called ‘ never take us alive ‘ featuring other independent artists worldwide.

Danny Rich feat. Benny Grimm - Gunshotz EP

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