Q1. What is your current production name and is there a story behind it?

Canvas . Yes there is. The name connects to how I approach making music from a blank canvas . Never in mind to copy rather to Create without influence.

Q2. Knowing you’re a very spiritual person how do you feel this helps you with producing your music?

I guess it makes me want to produce music that can have a positive effect on the listener. be it a vocal sample I use that has a relevant meaning to open people’s thinking of themselves and there connection to the planet and each other.

Q3. Have you always produced drum and bass or are there other genres you’ve explored?

mainly drum and bass tbh… I did one dubstep tune , that was really to make a set on soundcloud.

Q4. We recently mastered a track for you with Brazilian influences, is this style something we can expect from future works by Canvas?

YES I am always looking for vocalist from Brazil to work with. I have a big natural attraction to Brazilian music , it is a big passion of mine . I have a collaboration in mind very soon.

Q5. We recently saw you touring with Rowpeices, what was the highlight of this?

I have recently hooked up row with a very talented producer of deep tech house Jules from abstract source and I was able to get row to remix one of his tracks , which Jules performed live with vocalist Elliot Chapman at a bar in Shoreditch. Row wasn’t expecting them to perform the track live. It was such positive vibes we were comparing goose bumps lol. That had to be the high light also rubbing shoulders with Bukem moose and stamina was fun.

Q6. What do you have planned for your fans for 2014?

I plan on working with some soulful jazzy vocalist and getting some live musicians in the studio. Finish off and mix down unfinished tracks I have on soundcloud and continue to have an open approach to drum and bass music production.

Q7. In your studio what do you consider your go to piece of equipment?

My studio doesn’t involve any out board synths so it would have to be the live sampled instruments I have on komplete 7 and the sampler. When I made tunes 15 years ago it would have been the akai sampler.

Q8. Thanks for your time David, any final words of wisdom you can enlighten us with?

Lol how long have you got……….. Yes Paul and Nick. Always follow you intuition it’s the universes way of bringing you the opportunity’s you need to grow and to express yourself.

Canvas Soundcloud : www.soundcloud.com/rollin-fire-cru

Cavas Audio Animals

Interviewed By Paul Ashmore

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