Q1. Hi Dan and welcome to our interview, tell us a bit about yourself and what your all about in the music scene?

Thanks for having me! Well, I’ve been producing music for just over 2 years now, trying all different styles but I always come back to Drum & Bass. I love mixing live instrument sounds with synthesised basses to create a fast and aggressive atmosphere that people can headbang to!

Q2. Whilst working in the army you must miss your studio, how do you find it effects you as a producer, can you work effectively whilst on tour?

Yeah I miss a lot of things when I’m away, it’s tough only having a laptop to create everything on and sometimes it’s tough to get ‘in the zone’ which can be slow productivity, but I have some really good friends that are always there to support me both in the UK and abroad.

Q3. You have a release coming out on the Audio Animals Foundation in January, how does it make you feel to have your music heard by a wider audience?

When Paul told me he wanted me as the first release on AAF I was shocked, I’ve always been a massive self-critic and for someone who I’d just met to say they liked my music was amazing. I’m really excited to hear what everyone else is feeling towards it, plus it spurs me on to create more and more good tunes for the future.

Q4. What’s the most important thing to you about having your music released on the Audio Animals Foundation?

I love the idea that people will be hearing my music and taking it for what it is. I’m excited to hear what the Drum & Bass community have to say!

Q5. I’ve got to know you reasonably well over the last few months and had a great session with you in our studio, how important do you find networking and getting to know other artists and engineers in your scene?

I think it’s really important to make connections, it opens so many doors and gives you opportunities that you would otherwise never have.

Q6. You like to incorporate a lot of live guitar into your drum and bass production, is this something you feel is a niche market and gives you a unique style?

Yeah, the first CD I ever owned was Kerrang 1 and I play guitar myself so it’s in my blood! I love the human aggression you get from live instruments and I think it sounds fresh against some synth-heavy electronic music released nowadays.

Q7. Is there any advice you could give someone who is trying to make it in the music scene?

Be yourself, find your style and produce the best music you can. Oh and talk to everyone, preferably in person! Anyone can send a track over the internet.

Q8. In your home studio what do you feel is you go to piece of equipment or software?

I solely use Propellerhead’s Reason software wise because of the hands-on approach I’m used to, but most of my music starts with an improvised guitar riff. Can I have 2?

Q9. What do you have planned for 2014 in regards to your music career?

I want to release more music, I feel that I’ve already topped my first release (typical!) and I’m excited to progress more and more in the Drum & Bass universe! I also have some collaborations lined up that I’m excited about.

Q10. Dan it’s been a pleasure talking with you, any final words you’d like to get off your chest?

I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s been there along the way so far, you know who you are! This is only the beginning for Exert!

Exert’s Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/exertofficial

Exert Audio Animals Foundation

Interviewed By Paul Ashmore

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