Q1. Firstly tell us who you are and what your all about?

Well my name is Hexodus DNB and I’m a producer from the west midlands, i make mostly liquid funk and hiphop on cubase. I have recently started a label called Fluid State Recordings with my mate Liquid Gav. I’am also currently signed to Anarchy Audio and have an e.p dropping late January.

Q2. We were talking earlier about you being partially deaf. This is something I myself as an engineer fear. How does this effect you as a producer?

I’m not going to lie and say its easy because its not but i see it as a challenge and one i have no choice but to overcome if i want to produce music. I wasn’t born deaf in my right ear, it happened as a result of an incident with a firework as a teenager. Obviously certain production techniques such as panning can be difficult but i manage to get by lol

Q3. Did you ever think it’s not possible to produce music and proved yourself wrong due to this limitation?

Yes, when i first started i found it extremely frustrating and almost gave up but i thought to my self if Stevie Wonder can create such amazing music whilst blind and Beethoven could compose master pieces when almost totally deaf then i can get past this limitation. I think dj’ing may be off the cards though lol.

Q4. I heard once that if you are deaf in one ear you can lose balance, is this true?

Occasionally but its usually due to too much courvoisier. It used to affect me a bit when i was younger but i either hardly notice the odd wobble or have just got used to it.

Q5. So what have you got in store for the future any big plans for the label in 2014?

Yes, no doubt we have big things planned but as we are a new label our priority is to get quality music out there at the moment. We have a really talented bunch of artists signed already and hopefully will add a couple more before the year is out. We know starting a label from scratch is really tough but my business partner Gav and i are looking forward to the challenge.

Q6. Any advise you could an artists thinking about starting his or her own label?

Good question, i’d say dont over reach and big plans are fine to have but they have to be realistic.

Q7. Finally any last words?

Yeah, many thanks for the opportunity to let people know what I’m all about. Also be on the lookout for Fluid State in 2014 (shameless plug there). big ups to audio animals. Peace

Fluid State Audio AnimalsInterviewed By Paul Ashmore

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