Q1. Hi Rezonate and welcome to our Audio Animals interview pleasure to have you. Please tell us a little about yourself, who is Resonzate for those who don’t know?

I’m a DJ and producer based in the south west of england. I play and mainly DnB and dubstep. I write quite a few different styles but mostly liquid and dubwise sort of a vibe. I’m a big fan of breakbeat too but unfortunately the scene seems to have died over the last few years….

Q2. I’m personally a big fan of liquid. How do you feel liquid has evolved over the years?

It has evolved a huge amount over the years kind of in line with DAW tech i guess. For me liquid is the more melodic style of drum n bass lots of layered instruments and atmosphere. I think this layering and depth to the music has increased as restriction have been removed by software production and I think producers creativity has increased as well.

Q3. So we hear you have a freebie to give away with this interview. What do you have in store for us there, any download links?

Yes I wanted to give away a free track its called return to form, its from a few years back now when I was using reason but Its still a favourite of mine. There are a few free tracks on my soundcloud head over there and check em out grab a copy if you like em…  I have a few Ragga style Dnb tracks coming out with daddy freddy in the next year with Urbanfront in Bristol links here and here. Also have a couple of tracks coming out with General Levy later in 2014 too which can be heard here and here.

Download Free Tracks By Rezonate Here: http://soundcloud.com/djrezonate/return-to-form

Q4. How do you feel the advancement of digital synths compares to the good old days of outboard digital and analogue synths?

I think that the world of digital has advanced a huge amount. But VST’s are clinical, they won’t detune over time and develop a unique sound like many old synths. But they are really affordable and you can still create brilliant sounds with them. Which is more fun? Hardware wins hands down for some reason having the kit in front of you and playing with it is just better and more enjoyable. However i don’t miss recording everything into the daw and endlessly recabliing the studio after taking kit out for a gig

Q5. Being a self confessed gear slut myself I know where your coming from there. Enlighten me what’s the best synth you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to grips with?

That’s a difficult question as each synth is really different and has appealing and infuriating qualities at the same time! I really like the roland 201 for acid and the juno g had some awesome natural instruments. One of my favourites was the Roland MC909 a beast of box with everything in it you could need to make a tune. It had some really heavyweight bass and great drum samples.

Q6. Whilst interviewing you I’ve been listening to the track your giving away and must say it’s very good. Loving what you have releasing soon with Daddy Freddy and General Levy. Other than these projects what does 2014 have in store for Rezonate?

Thanks! 2014 is going to see a refocus back to the liquid dnb styles. I’ve written a lot of ragga dnb and dubstep this year mainly due to being asked to do remixes and opportunities to work with the fantastic vocal talents of Freddy and General Levy. I’m going to try and write 10 or 12 really high quality tracks and spend much more time developing some unique sounds with the end goal of having a completed album towards the end of the year.

Q7. Who’s been your inspiration when witting music over the years?

I have influences from many different artists and genres but never set out to copy anyone in particular I have always just written my own style. I do have a huge collection vinyls and mp3 from deep dark stuff through to light liquid tunes, too many artists to name tbh. A few from the early days when I first got into dnb though would be stakka & skynet, ed rush & optical, dom & roland and I used to love some of the dj marky stuff.

Q8. I look forward to hearing the album and watching the rise of Rezonate throughout 2014, definitely one to watch. Has been a pleasure interviewing you and getting an insight into your life, any parting words of wisdom you can share with your fans?

Make sure there is enough bass in your life! Buy big speakers too that really helps with the bass thing. i have enabled the DL link on return to form on my soundcloud page peeps can DL the track direct from here.

Rezonate Audio Animals

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