Q1. What is your preferred synth to produce with?

If we are talking analogue real deal synths then I love the sound of the Moog Voyager. I do use NI Massive in my home studio but I’ve recently been creating a lot of sample patches of my own and triggering them through a sampler in Ableton with my Novation keyboard controller.

Q2. What would you be doing now if weren’t a music producer and song writer?

who knows….I can’t imagine a life not being musical….I have had hundreds of different jobs in my life but music is the one that makes me feel alive. When I was 18 I did briefly consider becoming a porn star but that was a fleeting dream lol.

Q3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I see myself still sitting in a studio producing all kinds of music. I love the varied lifestyle music can offer. I would like to continue doing live projects and hopefully in 5 years time I would have established myself on a global scale. I have big dreams and I intend to continue working hard to achieve them.

Q4. What do you have planned for your fans in 2014 without giving too much away?

I have a fair back catalog of records in my vaults. I will be continuing to release on digital and vinyl with Audio Animals. I have several planned releases with Dnbb recordings in Brazil and Complex Records. A hip hop album I produced for MC Stern featuring some amazing collabs. I have 2 planned releases on another label I’m keeping on the hush hush now but I’m excited about. I also have plenty of collabs in the Midst with some very exciting artists as well as some well established players in the dnb scene. My fans can expect me to continue working hard and releasing a vast variety of records as well as some tasty freebies.

Q5. Are you a fan of twerking?

depends whose doing the twerking lol….I suffer with a bad back so I certainly can’t twerk but if your talking Beyonce twerking then I’m good with that! Miley Cyrus can jog on thou….

Q6. What advice would you give a music producer starting out in the music scene?

Be yourself. Produce music with vibe and passion that you care about. Initially it’s not about your equipment or your technical ability. That can be learned and acquired. The important thing is developing your style. Most of all be creative and network with other producers and make connections as you improve your game.

Q7. What does it mean to you to have your name on a vinyl?

In a world of invisibly digital records a vinyl to me is the real deal. I’ve been into dnb a long time and the first time I did any mixing it was with vinyl on 1210s. I love the warmth and depth of sound you get from a vinyl and was an ambition of mine I was able to tick off. I framed it and put it on my wall as soon as I got it and gave the test press to my parents who have always been big fans and supporters of my music. Buy KS Vinyl Here.

Q8. Thank you Mr KS it’s been a great pleasure to get an incite into your life. Any last words?

No worries…great q’s…..hmmm last words….Never eat yellow snow.

KS Audio Animals

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