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So I had a great weekend writing for Phinestro Roberts over in America and literally didn’t leave the house until Sunday for an hour to go the shops that fresh air ohh never felt so good lol. Everything seems louder when you don’t leave the house for a bit. I don’t know why my ears felt really funny lol! Monday I basically had a blast the house day you know all the Boring stuff that in life that we all have to do and had a nice early night once the children were sorted. Also had to nause Paul Ashmoore to get my track ready for the weekend and bless him he did he is so good to me you know when I need help with things.

Tuesday was mental breakdown day literally I was hunting for dresses for the celeb gala and couldn’t find anything!! Out of all the shops in Birmingham not one bloody dress, got loads of other crap I didn’t really need and walked around with my head in the clouds all day!!! Then obviously when I got home panic set in because I had no dress and needed to order online before 9! I had the world helping me I bombed my PR woman Lisa with photos kept nausing Jamie about what other people we’re wearing even had Phinestro giving me advice from other side of the world. I can create a drama locked in a cell on my own I could haha! Finally I found them thank god and everyone could breath sure I gave a few people a headache that day. I’m a bit of a brat you know when I can’t find something really winds me up!

Wednesday I had some bad news so I was all emotional, was supposed to be working on a track but it wasn’t fitting my mood so Phinestro bless him sent me something epic over nice and emotional but I couldn’t start that either my head was a bit off balance.

Thursday was bloody mental packing for Leeds sorting my crazy dog out Ronnie running around shopping for shoes getting in sunbeds and sorting kids out packing for them also! There’s always something ya forget isn’t there I forgot to pack my razor only little but really done my head in! When I got to Leeds Thursday night and jumped in the shower no razor fml!! Friday was wicked had a great day writing in the garden up in Leeds to the emotional track I mentioned and you know what I love it when things just flow the lyrics for it are sooo good that I’m actually excited for it. I’m a bit anti social me because I was supposed to be spending time with someone but instead I cracked on with work lol! I can’t help it it’s just what I do if I’m in the zone I’m in it ya know what I mean?!

Saturday boom the big day now to say I was bricking it is an understatement I really thought I was gonna throw up on the way down in the car haha, had to hide my nerves well I reckon id be wicked at acting you know!!! Jamie and blenda blasting out the tunes on the motorway while I’m pretending to nap in the back of the car so I didn’t have to talk much about what the day would hold cuz the more I thought about it the more sick I felt! Worried about weather people would like me, what if I wasn’t dressed right stupid shit really I’m a worrier I can’t help it, peoples opinions matter. Especially when ya meeting a bunch of celebs anyway we got there and it was wicked!!!!! Everyone was soooooo nice I dunno who half of them are because I’m special and don’t watch telly or pay much attention to what’s going on around me but yeah was good the celebs won the football match 6-2 I was shocked was slagging em off saying they we’re gonna get shamed by the community team lol! But no they won well done!! The gala was amazing and I sang Karen Ramerez Looking for love acoustic version. I have never ever shook on stage ever! My legs were like jelly it’s so weird cuz in nughtclubs I just bounce about and vibe when there’s an intimate room and everyone’s staring at ya all quiet and the lights are on it’s scary as hell. Went down well though. The after party was wicked at liquid night club everyone was lovely uploaded pictures earlier so check them out it’s now Sunday I’m home in my nice fit bed ready to get up and start my crazy life tomorrow x

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