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Audio Animals Mastering Studio in London is quickly becoming the place to go for high end analogue mastering at a fraction of the price. 1 track mastered is currently charged at £25. Audio Animals use only the highest quality equipment. You only need to look at their studio gallery pictures to see what we are talking about. Audio Animals use one of if not the worlds best multiband mastering compressor the Maselec MLA 3 costing £3390 at KMR Audio. The studio is packed full of high quality analogue equipment. A Fully loaded SSL Solid State Logic Rack consisting of incredibly high end A/D D/A converters24 channel summing mixer, eq, compression and pre amp. Audio Animals client base varies from independent musicians and bands, to record labels and well established artists.

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  • Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Compressor
  • 2x SSL X-Logic Alpha VHD Pres
  • SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Stereo EQ
  • SSL Alpha link Madi-AX (AD/DA Convertor)
  • SSL 24 Channel Summing Mixer
  • SSL Master Bus Module
  • Ampex ATR-102 Tape Simulator
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ (Mastering)
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Trident A-Range EQ
  • Precision Enhancer kHz
  • Precision De-Esser

How Do I Pay For My Master?

You can pay for your master here:

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    Stem Mastering

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Examples Of Audio Animals Mastering Service

Here are some examples of Audio Animals mastering service, switching between both mastered and unmastered:

What Is Mastering?

Often known as the dark art in musical circles, mastering is the last step of the audio production process, the stage between the final mixdown and the distribution of your music, be it as an mp3, cd or vinyl. What the mastering engineer does for you, can vary greatly depending on what a track needs. Using combination of their high end specialist audio equipment, a properly acoustically treated room and most importantly their experienced ear, a mastering engineer will polish your music and give it that professional edge in a highly contested market.

Does My Music Need Mastering?

Simply, the answer would be yes. Although a good mixdown will go a long way, a properly mastered track will add that final touch to make it stand up against commercial music and be playable on a wide variety of sound systems. With the increase of home studios over the last decade, music production is now available to the masses, however, most will not have access to the equipment that will give you the competitive edge. It is also important to have someone mix and master your track with fresh ears, who will take an objective view, as it is natural for a person to listen to a track with a obscured outlook after listening to it looped for hours on end while producing/mixing it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here at Audio Animals we mix and master using high end audio equipment (Maselec, SSL, Neve, Lexicon, DBX, Moog), which sets us apart from many mastering houses that purely use digital effects and plugins. Our prices start from £25 a master, although we offer discounts for multiple purchases such as albums and EP’s. We also offer a mixing service, that starts at £80, you can find more information on this here.

How Do I Prepare A Track For Mastering?

The best way is to bounce / export your track from start to finish bypassing any compressors and limiters that you may have on the master bus. Please make sure the track that you send is not peaking over 0db ( preferably -3db ). Also try not to maximise and distort your track (we will get it sounding loud and punchy for you as required), any distortion or crackles that are on the original track can not be completely removed.

The Process

Our turn around time is generally 48 hours depending on our current work load. However, we will try our best to cater for our customers needs, so if you need an especially quick turn around, let us know and we will see what we can do. For best results, send us your full track, in .wav format 44,100kHz 24bit at – 3db ( leave plenty of headroom ), with no compression, maximiser, stereo widener etc on the mix bus. As long as you leave plenty of headroom we will be able to get you an incredible sounding master back. If you send a track that is maximised and compressed the results will not be as good, as there is less room to work with. Please leave all the master compression and limiting up to us. To place your order please purchase your mastering here and one of our engineers will be in touch personally.

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