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We purchased the Moog Voyager a few years back. We owned a Moog Little Phatty before than and instantly fell in love with the Moog sound. The Moog Voyager sounds unlike any other analogue synth. The classic Moog 24db filter does wonders for your sound and can create those classic Moog basses. Has 3 oscillators sweeping from sine to square waveforms and 2 filters one for amp and one for filter. The 24db filter has two filter types lowpass and highpass. The resonance on the filter allows for the squelchiest acid bass sounds. We’ve expanded our Moog Voyager RME with the two addition expanders the VX-351 and the VX-352. This allows you to send CV control voltage signals in and out of the voyager. The Moog Voyager has 1000’s of possibilities but expanded the possibilities are endless. Simply route any cv output into any cv input on the Moog Voyager.

We have also expanded out semi modular Moog with the moogerfooger pedals. We own the lowpass filter MF-101, ring modulator MF-102, 12-stage phaser MF-103, analog delay MF-104 and another analog delay MF-104Z. The moogerfooger pedals are amazing especially the two delay pedals. Owning two of these limited edition only 1000 made delay pedals we’re able to create true stereo analogue delay. The sound of these pedals is incredible warm tones unlike any other digital delay. Additionally we have our Moog Minitaur hooked up to the Voyager and use that as a sub oscillator. The Minitaur was designed as a bass synthesizer so works perfectly with the Voyager. We can’t wait to add the Moog Sub Phatty to the semi modular Moog setup. Can’t wait to hook the Moog Sub Phatty and additionally the Korg MS-20 to the awesome setup of analogue synths. We Also have the Arturia Minibrute connected as our keyboard controller for the analogue modular setup. Below is a picture of our full Moog Voyager setup.

We’ve made quite a few sample packs using this synth all recorded 24bit 44,100kHz wav ( links below )

Moog Voyager RME XL moogerfooger mf 101 102 103 104 104z

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