Today was purely work work work. Non stop mixing, mastering and admin. I began the day mixing down 2 heavy metal tracks. Great tracks and amazing distorted guitars amazing tone to every stem. Sometimes you just have one of those days where the workload is so heavy you really don’t get to work on anything other than other artists tracks. By about 7:00 pm we had finished all the mixing for the day and decide to take a walk down the road to vote. On route we found a funny photo opportunity with an AA Breakdown van. After the hard working day we found this hilarious.

Paul Ashmore AA Breakdown

Once back at the studio I took some me time to produce a new track I’m writing for my album which will have Kymberley Myles on vocals. After a good half hour facetime chat with her discussing the project and getting ideas down. Began writing piano melodies and accompanying them with strings using the Nord Electro 3. After about 5 hours of writing and getting in the zone was time to call it a night. Tomorrow another day.

Kymberley Myles Ronnie Paul Ashmore Facetime

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