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After a long night out with friends we had a well deserved lay in. After waking up at 2:00 pm having not gone to sleep till 6:00 am we didn’t go into the studio today. Instead we got changed and met up with some friends to go to a BBQ. Food was amazing, more sausages than you could eat. Half the food went on the dogs plates there was that much. Being the grown up we are we all kicked the kids off the bouncy castle and had a bounce around. It’s good to feed your inner youth. For the rest of the day we sat in the sun talking and playing music.

BBQ Guitar Lessons

The guys headed off out to see Austin Drage a good friend and amazingly talented singing perform at Sheesh. I was too tired and had a busy day in the studio catching up on work in the morning, so decided to call it a night. Had a phone call from Donna at midnight trying to persuade me to come to a club but knowing what i had to get finished for my clients the following day I had to decline.

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