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Saturday was purely and simple mastering mastering mastering. Had around 20 to get completed a rock album, deep house EP, 4 drum and bass tracks, a classical piece and a film piece. Took the best part of 18 hours to get completed. Working with my studio buddy and business partner Nick Burchall we powered through taking breaks and referencing with each others ears. 4 ears are better than 2. The new Neve Portico 542 tape Saturation units we have have just installed into our API rack really added that extra something to each master. Been itching to buy these units for a while now and finally have them to share with all my clients.

Neve Portico 542 Tape Saturation API

Once mastering was completed we took some time out to go and meet friends at the pub to watch the second half of the champions league final. Fair play to Real Madrid pulling that back. After the football we headed to a club where I randomly see my mate I hadn’t seen in years which was nice. She took me to the best little burger place for a bite to eat after. I will be going back there next weekend that’s for sure.

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