Welcome to my first post in this blog. I’ll be posting my day to day goings on at the studio and musical life in general. I started a new facebook fan page where I will also be listing my goings on too. Today was a tough one, lots of mixing and mastering to complete. I began the day by mixing a track I’ve been looking forward to mixing all last week. I heard the preview from one of my clients earlier in the week and instantly fell in love with this track. Huge rolling drums and deep dnb vibes. Whilst mixing this track down there was a knock at the door. Our new Nord Drum arrived. No time to test this little beauty out as I needed to complete the mix down I am currently working on. Once completed I began with the mastering of this track. The Maselec MLA 3 played a great part in the mastering of this track. The accuracy of the multiband compression helped a great deal with controlling the drums.

Audio Animals Nord Drum

Time for some lunch. I popped down to the cafe for a bacon sandwich and a lemon tea. On the way back from the cafe I made a new friend. A little cat decided he wanted to follow me all the way back to the studio. He waited at the door wanting to come in join the Audio Animals crew. As much as we would love to have a new member of the crew, we don’t have the time for a feline friend.

Audio Animals Cat

Now back in the studio I cracked back on with two more mixes due to be back within the next few days. I have a busy two days coming up recording vocalists. Tuesday I’ll be recording Kymberley Myles and Wednesday I’ll be recording SMK for samples packs coming soon to www.aasamples.co.uk

I finished the day mastering a few tracks due to be back with the client tomorrow. Needed to get the workload complete today in order to leave the day free tomorrow to record Kymberley Myles.

Audio Animals Studio Maselec MLA 3

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