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So I began the day not know what was about to arrive in the post. I ordered two Neve Portico 542’s at the beginning of the week from America as they were a fraction of the price here in the UK. I wasn’t expecting them to arrive till next week due to shipping from the states but to my surprise arrived within 4 days of ordering them. More to my suprise I had no tax charges which I was thinking would be at lease £200. In total each unit plus shipping costs me £960. A fraction of the price considering if I’d had bought them from the UK they would have cost £1440 for the pair. I will be continuing to use this shop for their prices and fast delivery + no import taxes.

Neve Portico 542 Tape Emulation

First thing I did once receiving these units is rack them in my API rack and start running drums to them. My initial impression was wow. I’ve used tape on many occasions and straight away was able to get that true analogue tape saturation feel with none of the hassle. The Neve Portico 542’s have a selectable switch to change from Neve’s signature Silk Red and Silk Blue. Silk Red was perfect on drums. brought out the clarity in the top end especially when switching to 30 IPS. After a good play around on drums checking out the unique sound I can now achieve I moved on to running some vocals through them in a chain which consisted of a Shadow Hills compressor, Maag EQ4 eq and SSL 9K eq. I placed the Neve Portico at the end of the chain post eq and compression. The difference when switching the tape in and out has blown me a way. Will 100% make it into my recording chain for future vocal processing.

Neve Portico 542 Stereo Pair

Once we had tested the Tape Saturation on both vocals and drums we  moved on with mastering for some of our clients. We used the Neve Portico in all the masters we did today. Added a unique sound that really brought out the clarity of the analogue chain. Future clients are in for a real treat.

Neve Portico 542 Api Rack

Today would have been the legend that is Bob Moog’s 80th birthday. So as a mark of respect to the man who designed the Moog Voyager I sat down with mine and had some birthday cake with a candle. May sound stupid but with out this man most producers wouldn’t be doing what they are doing now. I know my sound wouldn’t be as thick and full down the bottom end if I didn’t have my Moogs. So massive respect from every here you are an absolute legend Bob.

Bob Moog 80th Birthday Audio Animals Respect

I ended the day by settling down to carry on with writting a track for my album. This track is being written for Kymberley Myles. After I quick facetime chat talking about the track I set down to work. I had already written the back bone of the track the night before so now was on to deep growling basses using the Access Virus Ti2 and Ti Snow. Production over and tired I went to bed gone 6:00 am. Back in at 11:00 am quick nap and it all starts again.

Access Virus Ti 2

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