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This week I set up an Affiliates Scheme. The idea is to offer jobs to creative minds who want to earn money within the music industry. We’ve now signed up around 50 – 100 new affiliates and are very pleased with the instant results.

It’s very simple, every time a fan, client or friend uses the link we provide you and purchases one of our studio services or sample packs you will earn 20% of the order. If the order equals £100 you will earn £20. Below you can apply to become an Audio Animals affiliate and start earning money. Once you have filled out the form below we will receive an email from you with all the details required to set you up as an affiliate. We will reply to your email ASAP with all the required information you need to get started. At the end of every month we email each of our affiliates to let them know exactly how much money is owed. We will then require you to invoice Audio Animals Ltd. Once we have received an invoice we will check the amount and make the payment ASAP.

More info on our affiliates scheme can be found here.

Audio Animals Affiliate Scheme

An inspiring message I wrote on facebook after finishing work for the night.

After a long night working I’ve shut down and sitting looking at all this lovely audio gear. When I was 16 I had a midi controller a single core PC and some cheap jamo monitors. It’s crazy what you can achieve in 12 years of hard graft. Keep working at it and never give up. If you want it bad enough you’ll get it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to wake up every day and work in a studio. It’s not easy but when you make it after working hard for it it’s so rewarding. 

Audio Animals Studio

I wanted to show people the advantages of high end analogue audio gear and how impressive it sounds. I did before and after demos of the following hardware.

Rupert Neve Portico 452 Tape Emulation ( silk blue and silk red )
Maag EQ 4
Maselec MLA 3

New addition to the studio this week is the Elysia Nvelope 500 Transient Shaper. An amazing bit of kit especially on drums. Unlike the SPL Transient designer the Elysia has frequencies adjustable attack and sustain meaning you can pin point the exact frequency you wish the shape.

Elysia Nvelope 500

After receiving the new Elysia Transient Designer we had a rearange of the API modules and housed them in the rack in a new way. We ended up putting the Neve Portico 542’s in the same rack as the Maag EQ’s and Shadow Hills Duel Vandergraph. Then in the 8 rack API unit we put both the Elysia stereo EQ and stereo Nvelope next to each other. Also in this rack we have the Lindell compressor and 2 Little Labs Vogs.

Api Module

Api Modules

We received a nice review this week from a client of ours talking about our mastering service. All reviews are greatly appreciated.

Audio Animals Review


We were mastering this week for Team USA in the NXNE competition judge by legendary engineer Young Guru. The American team beat Canada to take the prize. All winning tracks mastered by Audio Animals and we were praised by the judges for our excellent mastering. Team USA 60 – Team Canada 0

Team USA Beating Canada at NXNE

We put together a few before and after clips of our mastering service to update on the site. Order your analogue mastering here:

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