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I began the day by meeting Kymberley Myles down at the station. She had a nightmare journey down to London with 3 hours of delays. As per usual we went to the cafe for bacon sandwiches then off to the studio to crack on with some work. Today we are recording Kym’s sample pack due to released on some time in the near future. We have 10 tracks in total to record. All have multiple layers of vocals with verses, chorus’s and bridges. Also included in the sample pack are adlibs and harmonies for each track. Tracks will range from 128 BPM to 175 BPM catering for most genres of music.

Kymberley Myles Sample Pack

After recording a few tracks we decided to take a trip down to Tesco to get some lunch. On the walk back with bags of shopping in my hands Kym hand fed me a pack of crisps “here comes the areoplane.” Once back in the studio we sat down to eat some food before cracking back on with recording. We moved on to record the 5th track in the sample pack a 140 BPM dubstep esc vocal. Once completed Kym insisted we crack open the wine and have a civilized drink whilst recording.

Kymberley Myles Paul Ashmore Wine

We’ve now completed the recording for the day we are now going to meet a few friends down the local for some drinks. Only one or two for me as I have an early start with Erb N Dub tomorrow recording more sample packs with vocalists. More info on this to follow in tomorrows posts.

Paul Ashmore Kymberley Myles Audio Animals

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