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The day began with getting the mic packed up to take over to Erb N Dubs studio. We wanted to take our Oktavamod Hulk 990 mic to put it up against his Neumann mic. I’m happy to say Oktavamod one in this instance in A/B testing against the Neumann. Alot more clarity and controlled top end to the recording. I find it’s always best to have a few mics to hand when recording vocals with a new artists. Some mics sound better on some vocalists where as other mics sound better on others. With my mic in hand I jumped in the car filled up at the petrol station and off to pick SMK up from his house. Battling through London traffic I made it and set off to Erb’s from there.  When I arrived I noticed a new rel to reel sitting on the side in the studio. Instantly had to go have a look. Was a Sony Solid State Tc 270 reel to reel. Will be using this in a few new sample packs coming soon to

Sony Solid State Tc 270

SMK jumped in the booth to lay down some fire. Man that guy can lay down bars. bar after bar of flawless takes. The recording chain we were using today was the Oktavamod Hulk 990 mic into an ISA one mic pre. We bagan the recording session by recording SMK dropping phrases and spoken words. Whilst recording I found myself a speak and spell which I was hoping was circuit bent but sadly wasn’t.

Speak And Spell Erb N Dub

Recording finished at about 6:00 pm and we headed home after a long 8 hour session. To pass the time in the traffic going through the Blackwall Tunnel I called Kymberley Myles to discuss a few projects and have a laugh. Unfortunately my phone was charging slower than the battery was dying, so I had to call her back once back at the studio and phone was on  charge.

SMK Sample Pack

Once back at the studio I sat down to listen to the recording and test some processing options of the audio. Sounding amazing. SMK has a very full rich tone almost like faithless. Incredibly good to work with. I found the little labs vog to be a great processing option for SMK’s vocals. Over the week I will be look into processing each sample ready for the sample pack.

Audio Animals Studio

By about 11:00pm I finished work and began working on my solo album. The track I started writing was for a vocalist I’ll be recording in a couple of weeks Jenny Jones. Jenny performed on The Voice a couple of years ago and did very well. After researching her singing style and having a chat with her about what we should write about we came to conclusion the track will be very sad, deep and meaningful. Which I know is a subject Jenny will  excel at. I’m not one for creating a track in a night but this one flowed. Had the basis of the track down and a rough mix ready to record on with in 6 hours. I sent the track over to Jenny to take a listen to in the morning. Production finished for the night, 5:00 am and off to bed.

Jenny Jones The Voice

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