The Moogerfooger MF 101 is a unique analogue guitar / mono synth pedal. The pedal includes 5 knobs and 2 rocker switches. Included with these unique pedals are 4 control voltage inputs. These can be used to receive CV signals from a modular synth and other control voltage devices. Located on the back you will also find an audio in and audio out for audio routing through the pedal.


Located on the front of the pedal you will find two main parameters, the envelope and filter. On the envelope you have an amount knob which is used to set the amplitude of the input filter cutoff. This can be incredible useful when working with the CV inputs especially when we route the CV signal from the Moog Voyager envelopes to the amount input on the rear of the MF 101. Below is a rocker switch which sets the envelope to fast and slow. Basic application with fixed settings of fast or slow. The mix knob on the envelope is used to control the wet dry signal applied, 0 being dry, wet being 10.

Drive Input

Down the center of the lowpass filter you will find the drive feature seen on all Moog pedals. This is one of my personal favorite features with all the Moog pedals. Turned to the left the input signal is not effected to much but turn to the right and watch the smile on your face as you are bit with nothing short of harmonic brilliance and driven distortion. Excellent for driving leads, basses and guitars. It’s very rare I will not have this a touch of drive applied to most sounds. Being a guitar pedal located at the bottom of the pedal is a bypass switch you can stomp on and off. Bypass indiacated by an LED light red ( bypass ) green ( on ).


To the right hand side you have the truly unique world renowned Moog 12 and 24 db filter. This is switchable via the 2 pole / 4 pole rocker switch. 2 pole applies to 12db filter curve and 4 poles applied to 24db filter curve. The cutoff is a classic Moog design and known across the world as one of if not the best filters in the world of music. With a lowpass filter range of 20hz – 12khz unique sweeps and bass tones are instantly achievable. The resonance knob is quite simply a fixed resonance gain control sweeping with the filter band applied by the cutoff knob. 0 is dry and 10 is full on. You can create some very weird and wonderful sounds when routing an LFO into the CV resonance input.

How Do I Rate The Moogerfooger MF 101 Lowpass Filter

This is by far one of my favorite pieces of hardware effects processing. When I pair this with my Moog Voyager semi modular synth I can gain an extra lowpass filter to patch either my 3x LFO’s, 2x envelopes, 2x sample and holds, volume and various more CV outputs. My favorite use of this pedal is when creating a huge low end reece which is need of a very subtle¬† lowpass filter to remove the top end. I will then use the input gain to apply a umph! and fullness within the sound. Often I will patch my Moog Voyager LFO which is sync’d in the box to the lowpass filter cutoff for accurate in time LFO sweeps and wobbles.


  1. Classic Moog analogue 12db and 24db filter.
  2. Input Drive a truly unique work of art.
  3. CV patching for modular synths and other moogerfooger pedals.
  4. Compact desgn that can be racked and placed on floor.
  5. Can be used as a guitar pedal or synth effects unit.
  6. An all round top of its game legendary pedal with plenty to offer in all genres.


  1. Noise can sometimes be an issue when driving the input gain hard. The more you drive the more noise you will apply. This is expected of most or all guitar pedals though and in my opinion is part of the unique drive sound moogerfoogers have.
  2. If you do not have the luxury of a modular synth with CV outputs or other moogerfoogers with CV outputs the CV control can have a limited application. A personal favorite to use with the lowpass filters is the moogerfooger MF 102 ring modulator which has a square and sine LFO CV output which is incredibly useful.
  3. Price is fairly steep at around ¬£249 but when you consider what you are getting for that price to a true analogue enthusiast it’s cheap.

Audio Animals Rating

93% out of 100%

Audio Demo

Video Demo

Moogerfooger MF 101 Lowpass Filer Back Review Moogerfooger MF 101 Lowpass Filer Review Audio Animals Moogerfooger MF 101 Lowpass Filer Review

Written By Paul Ashmore ( Audio Animals Engineer and Producer )

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