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This week our new Solid State Logic X Desk arrived at the studio with an additional 8 channel X Rack summing module. The X Desk will be the perfect addition to our already existing 24 channel SSL summing mixer upgrading our desk to 52 channels. By upgrading to the SSL X Desk we will gain full control over fx sends, fader level and panning.

The SSL X Desk uses the same super analogue summing capabilities as is in the AWS, Duality and Matrix consoles. The X Desk has a total of 22 channels of summing spanning across 8 faders and two stereo inputs for fx returns or external inputs from Daw or other devices. Solid State Logic’s super analogue summing is world renowned as one of the best summing mixers in the world. We use only the highest quality audio gear here at Audio Animals and aim to supply our clients with the highest quality audio at a great rate.

First impression of the X Desk is pure excellence. Like all SSL gear the build quality is perfect. Pots are smooth and faders slide with ease. The X Desk is so much more than just an 8 channel summing mixer. Each channel has inserts where you can insert any amount of analogue hardware sending audio from the X Desk to your hardware and back into the X Desk. The X Desk has two mono fx sends which can be sent to such effects as reverbs or delays. The two dedicated stereo returns can be used to return audio from the reverbs and delays to the X Desk and summing to the master bus. The master section has full control over the master bus, including monitor level, master bus insert for master bus processing across the whole mix, talk back mic for interaction with vocal booth from the control room, headphone output and headphone level.

A very smart feature SSL have included with the X Desk is that the 8 channels on the desk double up to 16 channels with the ability to sum through 8 channels and track through 8 channels at a switch of a button. When tracking drums use the line level inputs using external pre amps tracking into the desk. This feature really expands the X Desk into a world of possibilities with tracking and summing.

Key Features:

  • SuperAnalogue™ – analogue purity at the highest level
  • 8x dual input Mono Line channels: 16 channel mixdown
  • 8x Insert Send/Returns on channels
  • Stereo CUE and 2 Mono Auxiliary Sends
  • Cascade with X-Rack and other X-Desks for bigger systems
  • Talkback – for artist communication
  • Dim & Cut buttons
  • Independent Main and Alternate stereo monitor outputs
  • SSL Stereo Mix Bus with External summing and Inserts
  • 2x Stereo Returns with Level, Pan and Bus assignment
  • iJack front panel input for portable playback devices
  • High quality internal PSU
  • D-Sub Channel I/O connection for studio integration
  • 19″ Rack mount ears included

SSL X Desk TopSSL X Desk Audio Animals SSL X Desk Console SSL X Desk Master Bus

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