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Universal Audio UAD have an amazing sale on. The half year sale lasts throughout June and runs this time every year. This year the savings are huge. We at Audio Animals can not recommend these plugins enough. We own a lot of the hardware that the plugins are emulated on and they are incredibly accurate, to the point where an untrained ear will not tell the difference.

When buying a UAD plugin, only buy one plugin at a time. The reason for this is for every plugin you purchase you will receive a 14 day trial of all plugins. For instance you can buy a plugin on the 1st of June activate all plugins to be used for 14 days till the 14th of June. Once this demo period has exceeded purchase another plugin and activate all plugins again. By doing so you will obtain plugin licenses for all UAD plugins for a total of 42 days. By purchasing the 3 cheapest plugins you will have all UAD plugins for only $108. The first plugin you may want to purchase is the Brainworx Tuner. It costs only $10 and will activate all the UAD plugins on demos. This way you will be able to within 14 days work out which plugins are best for you.

Get $25 OFF using coupon code : JUNE2015

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UAD Sale

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