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At Audio Animals we believe in supporting artists in this cut throat music industry. Every track we mix and master we offer a free service where we promote their work across our website bringing in 20,000+ new potential fans a week. This free service can be found here on our client releases page.

Below we have listed the soundcloud links of artists that support our facebook page. Supporting the artists that support you is important to us and this is our way of giving back. We hope by doing this you will gain added exposure to a new audience. If you wish to have your own page on our website promoting your release with artwork, soundcloud player and download store links. You can order your mastering with us here and be a part of the on going service we provide after your track has been completed.

Benefits to having your track mastered with us apart from having a high quality master dj’s will play and people will listen to, is having your track promoted free of charge to a huge audience each week. This service by any other company would cost £100’s if not £1000’s. Links to download stores directly off the page increases sales and traffic to your listing. Could be just the break your release needs.

Our website will also list your release at the top of google with in 2-3 days, which massively helps when your fans are trying to find your track. Consolidating artwork, youtube player, soundcloud player and download store links in one place making finding exactly what your customer wants on one page. Instead of having to search 10 different websites your fans now have your work in one place linking them to everything they require.

Audio Animals are here to help. You’ve supported us now were here to support you.

Written By Paul Ashmore
Mixing And Mastering Engineer At Audio Animals Studios

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