At Audio Animals we currently own two SSL compressors. We have one SSL 4000 E Series mono compressor and an SSL super analogue G Series stereo compressor. We find both have very unique qualities when mixing and recording. Combined with the SSL 4k e series Eq you have what we call the soul strip. Every soul sounding vocal is run through the 4k Eq and compressor. This compressor is incredibly punchy, will do wonders for your drums. Kicks thump through the mix and take a prominence. The gate is wonderful sharp and snappy. This dynamic compressor can shape your sound for precision snap and punch. One great feature will the SSL compressors is the automatic make up gain. Not only is this incredibly useful as you are not tweaking the gain as you compress your sound but also allows a free hand to adjust the Eq or gate whilst compressing your signal.

The SSL super analogue compressor has a slightly different sound to the 4k which is ideal for pop vocals. We call this the subtle strip. We use this compressor a lot of softer vocals, hats and synths. We often use the stereo compressor as a stereo bus compressor. Not always does it work for stereo bus compression but in many cases we will use this compressor on a drum bus or lead bus. The compressor is a typical SSL style compressor found in all duality and aws consoles. SSL has that unique distinct sound every artist is after.

SSL Compressors

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