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At Audio Animals we currently own two solid state logic SSL EQs. One mono 4000 E Series EQ and one stereo Super Analogue EQ. Combined with the SSL 4k and Super Analogue Compressor you have the perfect channel strip.

The SSL 4k EQ is amazing with black and brown switchable bottom end for that legendary 4k sound. When switched to the brown eq the bottom end characteristics become a lot warmer and coloured. This is incredibly good for adding warm sub frequencies to bass’s and colour to vocals that over wise lack that wow factor. This eq is by far one of our favourites. Perfect for adding texture to any sound. Has the classic SSL 4 bands of eq with Q and frequency. Incredibly precise and accurate the SSL 4k can add or subtract gain with pinpoint accuracy.  The upper and lower bands are switchable between bell and shelf. The bell is excellent for a subtle Q pre compression to pick out the punch in a kick or snare and drive the signal into a compressor.The SSL Super Analogue EQ has a very different feel to it terms of what you will use it on. We purchased the stereo eq purely so we could use this eq when processing hats, leads, pads and all this stereo. This eq is so clean and precise you really can apply it to any chain and have perfect control over your sound. We sometimes use this eq during the mastering process ( pre Maselec MLA-3 compression ) for precise pinpoint accuracy of certain frequencies that need brightening. The EQ it’s self is much like the SSL 4k. Has 4 bands of eq with Q and frequency knobs. Upper and lower bands have switchable bell and shelf which is excellent for hats subtracting harsh frequencies. The super analogue has a really nice feature with switches the upper, lower and mid bands from g series curves to e series curves. There is only a slight difference but after working with the eq you will start to learn where g series curves are needed and e series curves are needed.

In conclusion both EQs are amazing. The true SSL sound at your fingertips. Each EQ has its own unique characteristics with two different switchable types. Having both EQs is the best of both worlds, works with every vocal and every instrument. An all round excellent EQ and when combined with its matching compressor becomes the ultimate channel strip.


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