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We began the day by confirming our order with KMR Audio for our new studio upgrade for 2015. Read the full list of what was ordered and why here.

Audio Animals Studio Upgrade 2015


Once this order was placed we sat down to begin mixing a couple of tracks. One was by an Indian artists featuring authentic Punjabi vocals and beautiful adlibs. The second was for a returning customer we’ve worked with before. Both tracks took full advantage of our Solid State Logic summing mixer and analogue eq’s and compressors. Once completed we took some time out to watch the news footage from France and the on going hostage situation unfolding. Our thoughts go out to everyone involved and wish that nobody gets hurt.

Audio Animals French Hostage Situation

Mastering for various artists is now on the agenda and will take us through to the evening. Firstly we began mastering a mix which we had previously mixed today. Mastering a mix that you have personally mixed is a pleasure. We are able to set the mix up perfectly for our master chain and work back with the mix increasing and decreasing certain stems and buses to achieve the loudest, fullest and most dynamic master possible.

We have had a number of orders for our premium mastering service over the last 24 hours. Premium mastering is turned around within 24 – 48 hours so moving on to these tracks was priority. Our premium master service is exactly the same as our standard mastering service, except the turn around time is reduced to within 48 hours. This is a popular service with our film and tv clients who tend to have very tight deadlines, or in this case Dj’s needing their tracks back for their weekend sets.

Maselec MLA3 Multiband Compressor

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