We started the day with a quick trip down the cafe for a fry up. On the way we found Danny Rich in K.F.C getting some early morning chicken. Danny sat on the wall outside the cafe while we ate our fry up. Walking back up we discussed the days plan of action. We’re currently in the process of producing a track featuring Janethan called Slipping Away. This is a huge drum and bass roller. Today we were working off the drop. Put down a huge reese bass and sub. On top of this huge Access Virus Moog Voyager combined bass we added a pulse width modulated lead which follows the vocal lead. We used the new UAD BX tuner from Brainworx to precisely find the leads notes in the vocal to follow. Excellent tool and only $19.99 is well worth the purchase, has helped me out loads when recording guitar and vocals.

Once the days production was finished and Danny Rich left we cracked on with some mastering. We started mastering for James Curtis a nice little trance / techno number. Very well mixed which made for a very good clean master. Trance / Techno music really benefits from the VOG voice of god EQ. This is unlike most conventional EQ’s. Instead of increasing the volume of a band it increases the fullness. So kicks and basses will thicken and and sound more full.

The next track we began mastering was a amazing drum and bass tek track. I say amazing as the mix was spot on. Snappy drums and punchy kicks. A bass that smashed through the mix  and sweeping leads that will appeal to most. This is truely one to watch it’s going to smash dance floors across the globe. Watch out for Cartel – Dark Roller. Awesome track.

We followed this master with an excellent little hip hop master. Hip hop is a very interesting genre to master. This particular hip hop track was an instrumental. Classic hip hop beats and vinyl crackle with electric guitar leads.

The last master of the day was for Nothing To Lose and features samples from the wire. This track has the vocal talents of rapper Tantrum. This track is another great hip hop track again with guitar leads and classic hip hop beats.

Today we purchased two new SSL X-Rack E Series EQ’s. We already have a mono 4k eq and compressor so to double up and have a stereo pair of 4k eq and compressor is great for mixing down. The SSL 4k eq is simple amazing, the low end on this eq is known as the brown knob switchable to the black knob. No joke this is what these knobs are known as. There’s also the pink knob which is on the high end but this is not on the 4k eq. The 4k compressor is well known for it’s snap and punch. Amazing on kicks and basses. We purchased these units at the bargain price of £350 each, new you’d be looking at about £620 each for them. So we were very pleased with this price.

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