Today we had an Audio Animals label day. Early morning at about 9:00am we walked down to meet Danny Rich at the cafe. We had a huge fry up and cuppa tea. Had a good chat about what were going to do with the day. We began the day mixing down the Audio Animals latest release featuring G.L.B called Like The Sun. We’ll be performing this live Monday night on Rough Tempo Radio. More info on this below. I’m going to go back to the mix and master tomorrow and perfect it. This track will be released on vinyl alongside Consequences. Both tracks will be released as Audio Animals and will be available to purchase in our record shop. We are keeping our vinyl releases exclusive to 100 units and each unit will be signed and categorised 1 of 100, 2 of 100 and so on. This is to ensure total exclusivity and one of kind collectors items. Vinyls will be on sale for £8 each and will include vinyl and sleeve. After completing the mix and master of Like The Sun we moved on to the mix and master of Consequences. We had previously mix and mastered this track and had it ready for release. Now that we are going down the vinyl route we wanted to revisit the mix and revise it. When we A/B compared the mix to the original it’s a great improvement and glad we decided to revise the mix.

After finishing these two mix and masters we had the arrival of Recs. They were down from Cambridge to mix and master their huge smasher of a track Ethos which will also be releasing on vinyl alongside another Audio Animals track. This track is truly amazing, such hard hitting bass and drums. Wait till you hear this track in a club it will absolutely rip it up. This is personally my favorite mix and master I’ve completed. We can’t wait to release this into the drum and bass scene. Half way through the session Recs ordered up pizza. An Audio Animals tradition for when recs are here.

Have your tracks mixed and mastered by the Audio Animals here.

Paul Ashmore Mastering Audio Animals

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