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Today we started by meeting remix competition deadlines for various artists. The deadline for these tracks and remix closing date is Monday so we always aim to return masters back a couple of days before the deadline. This gives the client ample time to listen to the master and make any changes they wish to be made the following day.

Shadow Hills VU Meter

With the remix competition entries back to the respective clients, it was time to move on to the standard masters for the day. These were 6 dark drum and bass tracks by various artist for a compilation album. All over the tracks on this album were very strong, with thick basslines and crisp breaks. The Neve 542 Tape Emulators worked especially well on these, giving the bass a rounded sound with great body, which will make these sound great on the dance floor.

Neve 542 Tape Emulators

We were tagged in a post from one of our clients Anil CJ on facebook complimenting us for the mastering of his long awaited release which he has been received very well in his home country of Indian.¬†It’s always a pleasure to be credited on album covers for the mastering of their music.

I would like to thank the band BlendzZ for the opportunity to be a part of their album as an Arranger/Programmer & Mixing Engineer, & A Shout-out to Nick Burchall Mastering & Paul Ashmore Mastering of Audio Animals Studio For their hands on this project which turned out to be the best at today’s event. Though it was a longest journey working with Indie Artists, It took years to know their sounds & have detailed the entire orchestration to match their vision.
& Also i would like to thank all the Featured & Guest Artists who lent their expertise
in making this album a success.


Anil Cj Audio Animals

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